FISA Extended in Continuing Resolution Only to Jan 19

FISA Extended in Continuing Resolution Only to Jan 19

Postby johnkarls » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:11 am

Sen. Rand Paul, among others, organized a bi-partisan group of approximately a dozen U.S. Senators to filibuster the Continuing Resolution to keep the Government funded past Dec 22 if the FISA Extension was included.

[The USA Liberty Act which was featured prominently in the materials for our Dec 13 meeting, would have extended FISA for 5.75 years to 9/30/2023.]

The "filibuster group" stood their ground, resisting a full 5.75-year extension and several shorter extension proposals lasting a year or more.

There was a "final compromise" -- Sec. 403(b) of H.R. 6304 (the Continuing Resolution which cleared Congress last evening, Thur Dec 21, and will be signed into law later today) extended FISA until Jan 19 which is the same date that the new funding authorization expires.

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